Cappuccino in Checkout 3

Sofa just released the third version of their award winning point of sale software, Checkout. Chances are if you’ve ever seen a Mac behind the counter when you’ve made a purchase, it was running Checkout. Version 3 adds lots of new features, but what’s really cool is that they’ve added a new web component built on top of Cappuccino called Enstore that allows you to take your physical store and put it completely online. For Enstore, Sofa wanted a truly desktop like experience for managing and creating online stores, and you really have to try it yourself to see how amazing it feels.

From a technology perspective, Enstore is a real milestone as the UI was built almost entirely using nib2cib, showing that Cappuccino doesn’t just let you build apps faster, but also creates drop dead stunning results.

Klaas Pieter has written up an excellent blog post about his experiences creating Enstore at Sofa where you can learn more, and a special thanks to him as well for contributing a lot of bug fixes along the way!

Posted by Francisco Tolmasky
on Oct 06, 2009.
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