Nick Small Becomes a Cappuccino Committer

A big congratulations to nciagra for becoming a committer to the Cappuccino repository. While we’ve always been taking in contributions from Nick and other community members, this represents the first time someone outside 280 North has been granted access to commit directly to the repo.

Anyone following Cappuccino can see that Nick has been a valuable member of the community. He’s always offering help in the IRC channel and on the mailing list, and he’s also the most active contributor outside 280 North. On top of all that, he’s been working on some exciting new ideas for Cappuccino, some of which we hope to fold into the main repository in the coming months.

So congratulations to Nick! And as Cappuccino continues to progress, we look forward to adding even more committers to the project.

Posted by admin
on Nov 29, 2009.
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