Cappuccino News 2014 November 15th

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino for the last two weeks.



New features
  • Introducing xCodeCapp 3.2:
    • Each time xCodeCapp processes a file, it now also processes it through objj to issue more warnings.
    • The menu item Check Compilation Issues has been added.
    • The error/warning panel can be configured to stay on top.
    • (Dogild and primalmotion - PR and PR)

  • When building your application you can now disable the CommonJS build phase by setting the system environement variable IGNORE_ENV_COMMONJS. (primalmotion - PR)

  • .gitignore now ignores the .tm_properties. (primalmotion - PR)

  • New options have been added to the command line tool objj:

    • -h or --help to get help
    • -Ior --objj-include-paths to specify the frameworks to be used
    • -m or --multifiles to launch the command on multiple files
    • (Dogild - PR)
  • Old CI scripts have been removed from the Tools directory. (ahankinson - PR)

  • NativeHost is no longer built by default. (ahankinson - PR)

  • The CPButtonBar didn’t remove old buttons from their superview, now it does. (primalmotion - PR)

  • The popUpList of a CPComboBox is now a childWindow of the control’s window. (primalmotion - PR)

  • Fixed some CPComboBox APIs. You can now set the font, alignment, intercellSpacing and itemHeight of the CPComboBox without listDelegate. (primalmotion - PR)

  • The content-inset of a CPComboBox has been changed for better alignment. (Dogild - PR)

  • The text cursor of a CPTextField didn’t take the content-inset into account. Now it does, like in Cocoa. (Dogild - PR)

  • When switching between two CPPlatformWindows, the new targeted window didn’t get the first CPEvent which instead went to the previous window. This has been fixed. (Dogild - PR)

  • You can now open a CPPanel in a CPPlatformWindow other than the main one. (Dogild - PR)


New features
  • Cucapp now provides an API to record a set of events and then replay it. This could be very useful when debugging your application as you won’t need to reproduce your actions over and over. (Dogild - PR)
  • When using the Ruby function simulate_keyboard_events(string, flags), we now make sure to transform the given string into a string object. (minimilk - PR)

  • Cucapp now works with the last version of Thin to resolve an issue when executing tests with a large application. (little-dude - PR)

  • The CPMouseMoved events generated by Cucapp between two simulated events are now simulated in different call stacks. This is more similar to real user interaction. (Dogild - PR)

  • The method find_cucappIdentifier has been replaced by the method find_control(aKey, aValue). This method prints every controls relative to the given key and value. (Dogild - PR)

Work in progress

As you may know, Apajarita is currently working on the integration of Cappuccino and Node.

Just to make you dream, this is a sneak peak of the next objj-compiler:

Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Nov 15, 2014.
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