Cappuccino News 2015 March 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino in the last month.


  • The graphical CPDatePicker now disallows dates outside of the specified minDate and maxDate. (daboe01 - PR)

  • By default, Cappuccino now draws in high DPI when using canvas2D. You can disable this feature globally using the method CPView +setAllowsHighDPIDrawing:. (Dogild - PR)

  • CPView -setNeedsLayout: and CPView -needsLayout have been added. This makes it possible to choose not to lay out a view when needed, whereas previously once a layout had been scheduled it would always occur. (Dogild - PR)

  • Cappuccino now supports the KVC operators unionOfObjects, distinctUnionOfObjects, unionOfArrays, distinctUnionOfArrays and distinctUnionOfSets. (Dogild - PR)

  • The method CPTableView -viewAtColumn:row:makeIfNecessary has been added. (Dogild - PR)

  • Fixed: CPObjectController -setValue:forKey: incorrectly used the key as the value. (krodelin - PR)

  • Changed the name of the method CPDomDisplayServerSetStyleBackgroundSize to CPDOMDisplayServerSetStyleBackgroundSize. (ahankinson - PR)

  • Removed unreachable code in CPDOMDisplayServer.h. (ahankinson - PR)

  • The CPStepper class initializer methods returns an object of type id instead of CPStepper. (ahankinson - PR)

  • The CPTableView class has been refactored and optimized. The methods CPTableView -preparedViewAtColumn:row: and CPTableView -enumerateAvailableViewsUsingblock: have been added. (cacaodev - PR PR PR PR PR PR)

  • The theme showcase works again. (Dogild - PR)

  • Duplicated unit tests have been removed or renamed. (Dogild - PR)

  • CPDatePicker will now raise CPInvalidArgumentException if given an invalid date. (Dogild - PR)

  • The divider color of a CPSegmentedControl now has the expected color. (Dogild - PR)

  • CPPopover updates its position when the frame of one of its superviews has changed. (Dogild - PR)

  • When the auto-complete menu for a CPTokenField is open, the Enter key is no longer forwarded to the application. (Dogild - PR)


  • Fixed: Cucapp imported <AppKit/AppKit.j>. This could raise exceptions when testing a compiled application. (Dogild - PR)

  • The Cucapp’s CLI now logs informations when clicking on a CPView. (Dogild - PR PR)


  • New: OJTest raises a warning when a test method has already been declared in the same test class. (Dogild - PR)
  • The coverage option works again and checks which method has been called. (Dogild - PR)
Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Mar 01, 2015.
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