Cappuccino News 2015 November 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino in the last month.


The Cappuccino Core Team are planning to organize a conference about Cappuccino and how people are using it. Please let us know if you would like to join this event by taking this survey.

More information here.


  • New: CPURLConnection +sendAsynchronousRequest:queue:completionHandler:. (cacaodev - 8809c16)

  • New: CPNotificationQueue. (Dogild - ce8f8c0)

  • New: ability to localize a Cappuccino application. An app can be localized through strings and cibs. The language to use is selected from the brower or from the Info.plist. (Dogild - 686f931)

  • New: ability to more widely theme AppKit: in particular CPColor alternateSelectedControlColor and related CPColor fields can now be themed. (Dogild - 1fe1e6f)

  • New: CPRunLoop -performBlock:argument:order:modes:. (Dogild-d5f38fe)

  • Fixed: CPImage -size returned internal object ref. (aparajita - 526181a)

  • New: CPTabView improvements. The methods CPTabViewItem -tabViewItemWithViewController: and CPTabViewItem -setImage: have been added. New bindings options (CPContentBinding - CPSelectedIndexBinding - CPSelectionIndexesBinding) have been added to CPTabView. (cacaodev - d5b90c9)

  • Fixed: CPTabView -insertTabViewItem:atIndex:. (cacaodev - d5b90c9)

  • Fixed: CPDictionary -initWithObjectsAndKeys: and CPDictionary -initWithObjects:forKeys: was not compliant with Cocoa when duplicated keys were passed to the method. (mrcarlberg - 912930

  • Optmization: some AppKit speed improvements through the use of the new objj_msgSend in some places including CPTableView and CPWindow. (mrcarlberg - 4b81e0d

  • Fixed: warning when compiling AppKit. (Dogild - c30f8b0)

  • Fixed: crash when a new CPPlatformWindow was blocked by the browser when opening (adblock for instance). (Dogild - 40a9f19)

  • Optimization: CPView -layoutSubviews and CPView -viewWillLayout. (Dogild - f062fda)

  • Fixed: the param queue of the method CPNotificationCenter -addObserverForName:object:queue:usingBlock: was ignored. It now creates a new operation and adds it to the given queue if needed. (Dogild - 3e29732)

  • Tests: new unittests for the method CPString -stringByReplacingCharactersInRange:. (Dogild - b04e576)

  • Fixed: copy and pasty did not work properly in a new CPPlatformWindow. (Dogild - d4b1680)

  • Fixed: timing key responder issue when a CPTextField became the first key responder. (Dogild-d5f38fe


  • New: jake install for cucapp. The command will install cucapp in narwhal and every gems needed (Cucumber, Thin, Nokogiri, Launchy and JSON). (Dogild - e0f276e)

  • New: added the command cucapp. This command allows you to create a testing architecture in your Cappuccino application. The architecture provides a new command jake cucumber-test, creates a soft link where cucapp is installed and creates every file needed to create cucumber tests. (Dogild - e0f276e)

  • Fixed: CPRunLoop was not called between every event simulated. (Dogild - fa281e8)


  • New: the option -x to stop the suite of tests when a test fails. (Dogild - 7c47306)
  • Fixed: use runtime functions instead of accessing attribute names directly. (mrcarlberg - f799634)

  • Fixed: CPRunLoop was not called at the end of every tests. (Dogild - def9006)

Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Nov 01, 2015.
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