App Spotlight: PicsEngine

PicsEngine Icon

Today Michael Villar has released Version 4.0 of PicsEngine, a photo management utility. Version 4.0 has been completely rewritten making use of Cappuccino for the photo administration. This beautiful new application features an entirely custom UI designed by Michael himself.

PicsEngine 4 Screenshot

PicsEngine features a community written HTML5 drag and drop file upload, photo tagging, albums, smart albums searching, geolocation,  and a gallery with mobile versions for the iPhone, iPad, and Android browsers.

We are thrilled to share in the launch of PicsEngine 4.0; it’s truly an amazing product and we’re proud to show off what people are continuing to build with Cappuccino!

Check out PicsEngine here!

Posted by Randy Luecke
on Oct 04, 2010.
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