Mockingbird 1.0 Released

Mockingbird 1.0 was released today by the folks at Some Character, LLC. If you’ve been following the work Saikat Chakrabarti and Sheena Pakanati have been doing on Mockingbird you’ll know how much effort they’ve put into the project. The duo has spent the last year refining their already excellent beta to create the best mockup and wireframe tool on the Web.

If you’re not familiar with Mockingbird, it’s an application for building and sharing mockups and wireframes built using Cappuccino. The latest release introduces real time collaboration (built with operational transformation, the same technology used in Google Wave). It also includes support for managing your organization complete with permission control. You can try Mockingbird by visiting the demo page.

If you were a beta tester be sure to check your email for a special discount, and visit the website to sign up or if you’re a beta tester upgrade here. Be sure to also read the official announcement.

Mockingbird is an exceptional example of what Cappuccino is capable of, so congratulations again to Saikat and Sheena from the entire Cappuccino community!

Posted by Randy Luecke
on Nov 08, 2010.
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