Cappuccino Apps on the Web Store

Yesterday Google announced their revolutionary web store. We’re super excited about this and thrilled that there are already eight Cappuccino apps on the web store today.

We’re really proud of these applications built with Cappuccino. If we’ve missed any, please leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to add it!

PicsEngine PicsEngine: Organize your photo library on the web from anywhere. PicsEngine is an easy way to manage your photos online. It offers unlimited space storage and an easy-to-use interface to organize and access your photos wherever you are.

Mockingbird Mockingbird: Collaborative wireframing tool that lets you make and share mockups of your site or application quickly and easily. Indispensable for designers, developers, or anyone else who needs to build a website and wants to plan it first.

Almost.at Almost.at: Follow people at real-world events in real-time with this mashup of posts, images, videos, and links from sites like Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.

Issues Issues: A front end to GitHub’s issues tracker written in Cappuccino focused on providing a true desktop application like experience to manage multiple repositories.

280Slides 280Slides: Presentation tool that makes it easy to create and share beautiful presentations.

TimeTable TimeTable: Time tracking application for freelancers to keep track of projects, work time, expenses, and clients. Complete with in-app calling, directions, and invoice generation, and more.

ThatMusicApp ThatMusicApp: Create libraries from your favorite internet videos. It’s completely free so everybody in the world can use it.

Spanning Backup Spanning Backup: Highest-rated Google Apps backup solution, Spanning Backup continually backs up Google Calendar, Contacts, and Docs to the cloud to make sure your most important data is never lost.

Posted by Randy Luecke
on Dec 08, 2010.
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