We're now cappuccino/cappuccino on GitHub

The main Cappuccino repository has been renamed. What used to be: 280north/cappuccino is now cappuccino/cappuccino. 280north/cappuccino is a fork of the new main repository, which means old links will continue to work.

You can find the new repository here.

For most people this will not make much of a difference but if you are building from source, you might want to pull from the new repository instead. The Git URL is then:


If you are running a UNIX like system, you can update your Git clone using a command like this one:

find . -path "*.git/config" -type f -exec sed -i '' 's/github.com\/280north/github.com\/cappuccino/g' '{}' \;

If you find an old issue link, from a mailing list for instance, you will have to modify it by hand to find its new home. For example:




Feel free to help out and update links in the wiki.

Posted by Alexander Ljungberg
on Sep 01, 2011.
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