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I’ve been a big fan of Cappuccino since late 2009 and have written and spoken about it pretty extensively. This past July I went to sunny Tetbury, UK to record a video course entitled “Cappuccino for Cocoa Developers.” Here’s some background on how the course came into being…

In addition to being a tony little country village where Prince Charles has one of his castles, Tetbury is famous for being the home town of iDeveloperTV, a company much loved by indie Mac and iOS developers for putting on NSConference, along with the extensive library of video courses and podcasts it has produced over the years. This past Spring, Steve “Scotty” Scotty invited me to give a presentation on Cappuccino at NSConference in the UK. It was extremely well-received, so I reprised the talk at the first CappCon in San Francisco this past Summer.

My goal for both talks was to show existing Cocoa developers how they can leverage their existing skills to craft desktop-caliber web-apps. In the course of preparing for these presentations, I ended up developing a series of carefully-designed tutorial apps, designed to feel comfortable to Cocoa developers while highlighting some web-specific architectural considerations.

These tutorial applications thus formed the basis of the 4 hour course. We shot the video against a white background so that the “talking-head” video could be mixed-in with the screen capture from my laptop as you see here:

The net effect is quite like having your own personal trainer. Scotty’s role is to make sure that I highlighted the points that may not be obvious to first-time learners.

The video is delivered in high-quality, DRM-free H.264 video that you download to your machine. Sync it to your iPad if you wish, then watch it in bed before dreaming of Cappuccino. The resolution lets you clearly read the code while listening to the discussion. Work along with the same source code shown in the video, adapt it to your needs, then build something meaningful to you. Since data persistence in web-apps is a major consideration, I’ve even included the source code for a simple RESTful Web Service written in Ruby on Rails so you can see how things work end-to-end.

I’m extremely proud of the work I did in creating this course, and I think Dave at iDeveloper TV did a bang-up job with the editing. Scotty has been kind enough to release the course at the exceptional price of US $29.99 in order to put in reach of everyone. Complete details can be found here:


I hope you enjoy the course. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to make some additional courseware in the future.

John Fox

Posted by Randy Luecke
on Oct 19, 2011.
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