Introducing Cappuccino-Project.org 2013

We’re extremely excited to today unveil the new Cappuccino project website. We’ve been hard at work with this site for quite a while now, and we think it represents a major step forward for Cappuccino as an open source project. Here are some of the new features:

  • Complete visual refresh: a new responsive design that adapts to mobile and smaller screens.
  • GitHub ready: the whole site is static Markdown, HAML and similar formats, making it easy to fork and edit by anyone.
  • New “Learn” section: the easy to navigate learn section has been updated to be easy to extend, and old content has been updated.
  • Combines the old cappuccino.org and the intermediate cappuccino-project.org into a single site with all the best content of both sites.

While the old website was WordPress-based, making it hard to collaborate on, the new site is essentially pure HTML and CSS (although in smarter formats such as Markdown and HAML). This means that not only can you view the full source of the site, but you can contribute your own pull requests to make it better.

While we’ve taken pains to convert every single blog post and every important page, some content might not have made the transition. Some older blog posts might have become a little dented and scratched along the way. If you see something that’s off, please let us know.

If you have any links pointing to the old domain, cappuccino.org, please go ahead and update them to cappuccino-project.org. Redirects from most pages of the old site to the new site will be in place for some time, but perhaps not forever.

We think you’ll really like the new site, and we hope that some of you will be making your own contributions to it. If you see a typo, or you think you’ve got some great new content that could help out the Cappuccino project, please open up a pull request.

Posted by Alexander Ljungberg
on Jan 15, 2013.
Tagged update, website.
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