Objective-J 2.0, Continuous Integration and 0.9.6 RC2

The Cappuccino community is buzzing with activity. Here’s a recap of recent news.

Followers of the mailing list will know that work on Objective-J 2.0 is in full swing. This improved compiler which will generate much faster execution performance for Cappuccino apps. Multiple people are working on various versions - Christopher Bruno, Martin Carlberg and Francisco Tolmasky. Presently Martin is trying out an acorn based parser with promising performance.

Continuous integration for Cappuccino has been reintroduced, this time on travis-ci. This means all unit tests are run against every new pull request and commit, which should help avoid accidental unit test breakage.

It has been a while since the (perhaps not aptly named) Cappuccino 0.9.6 RC2 was released, which we announced in August on the mailing list. You can now read about some highlights from the RC2 release here: New in Cappuccino 0.9.6 RC2.

Posted by Alexander Ljungberg
on Jan 05, 2013.
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