Cappuccino News 2015 April 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino in the last month.


  • Capuccino 0.9.8 has been released this month. There are 745 changes between 0.9.7 and 0.9.8 so there’s something new for everyone here, not the least being an overall speed improvement.


  • New: CPCache has been added to Foundation. (william57m - 630aa53)

  • New: CPPlatformWindow -initWithWindow. This feature allows you to manipulate a CPPlatformWindow through the given CPWindow, which is easier than regular platform window manipulation. (Dogild - 14349cb)

  • New: the theme attributes image-search-inset and image-cancel-inset have been added for CPSearchField. (Dogild - 4d7cb06)

  • New: the protocol CPScrollViewDelegate has been added in CPScrollView.j. (Dogild - 51bdfa4)

  • New: CPSegmentedControl performance has been improved.

  • Fixed: CPTableColumn’s binding documentation was not clear. (daboe01 - eca9590)

  • Fixed: CPSearchFields were not properly aligned when coming from a xib. (t00f - b16b838)

  • Fixed: CPSegmentedControl -widthForSegment: and CPSegmentedControl -frameForSegment: did not return the correct value when using CPSegmentedControl -sizeToFit. The selectedSegment variable is now correctly updated. (cacaodev - 7c09517 2b853df)

  • Fixed: memory leaks with tooltTips in CPView. This was due to handlers not being released. (primalmotion - 027a317)

  • Fixed: closing a CPPlatformWindow did not close its main CPWindow. (primalmotion - 1dc0601)

  • Fixed: CPComboBoxes were not properly aligned when coming from a xib. (Dogild - cf92fb9

  • Fixed: CPTableView -reloaData caused an extra run loop perform. (Dogild - f2c5515)

  • Fixed: the default template generated by the command capp gen -t ThemeDescriptor was slightly non-standard compared to that of Aristo 1 and Aristo 2. (Dogild - 6aece1c)

  • Fixed: in CPTableView, clickedRow and clickedColumn did not behave like in Cocoa outside of the scope of a mouse event. (Dogild - 98d0a39)


  • New: the nodes backgroundColor, textColor and borderColor in the generated xml. (Dogild - 986db18)
  • Fixed: the command simulateScrollWheel: did not work in a CPScrollView. (Dogild - a266833)

  • Fixed: the command simulateScrollWheel: did not return a result. (Dogild - e07bc84)


  • New: the method verifyThatAllExpectationsHaveBeenMetInOrder: has been added to OJMoq. This method allows you to check if certain registered methods are called in order. (Dogild - 964fc8b)
  • Fixed: counting of a selector with OBJMoq and OJMockSpy worked incorrectly if set up multiple times with different arguments. (Dogild - 09de5a2)
Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Apr 01, 2015.
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