Cappuccino News 2015 May 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino in the last month.


  • New: added the delegate method windowWillResize:toSize: for CPWindow. (Dogild - 7b4365b)

  • New: added the delegate methods windowDidMiniaturize:, windowWillMiniaturize: and windowDidDeminiaturize: for CPWindow. (Dogild - 737ef58)

  • New: send the CPAppKitDefined event when the application is launched. (Dogild - 0dad10d)

  • Fixed: the method CPView -scrollRectToVisible: did not behave like in Cocoa. (mrcarlberg - 44c686f)

  • Fixed: the height of a CPSegmentedControl brought in via nib2cib was incorrect. (cacaodev - 914a3d7)

  • Fixed: the keyWindow and mainWindow of the application were not updated when switching from a platform window to another one. (Dogild - 10792c0, 01ba6dd, fd06844)

  • Fixed: the overflow of a CPPlatformWindow was not clipped; it was possible to scroll a platform window. (Dogild - 9798b9f)

  • Fixed: a CPPopover closed itself even on a click in another platform window. (Dogild - 769b379)

  • Fixed: the private method CPEvent -_initOtherEventWithType:location:modifierFlags:timestamp:windowNumber:context: did not save the windowNumber provided. (Dogild - 6efe563)

  • Fixed: notifications willBecomeActive: and didBecomeActive: were called even if the application was already active. These notifications are now also sent when the application just finished to launch. (Dogild - 0dad10d)

  • Fixed: notifications willBecomeActive:, didBecomeActive:, willResignActive:, didResignActive: were not sent when the application focus was lost or gained. (Dogild - 5c2e093)

  • Fixed: the nextValidKeyView calculated by Cappuccino in a CPScrollView did not behave as in Cocoa. It does now take in account the possibility of scrolling. (Dogild - da15cc4)

  • Fixed: a CPTextField could not become first responder when not visible. (Dogild - da15cc4)

  • Changed CPTextField first responder resignation behavior for a non key window CPWindow. (Dogild - 136138d)


  • New: added the method -simulateScrollWheelOnPoint:. (Dogild - af4fbc7)

  • New: Cucapp now generates an error message for every objj exceptions catched. (Dogild - b432bd2)

  • Fixed: methods textFor: and objectValue did not return the string value of a CPPopUpButton. (Dogild - 01b7ddc)
Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on May 01, 2015.
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