Cappuccino News 2015 June 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino in the last month.


  • New: indeterminate spinning CPProgressBarIndicator. (primalmotion, Dogild - 57b6888, 899bbc2, 0d17757)

  • New: added the tool objj2objcskeleton. This tool converts an Objective-J files to a basic Objective-C file containing an interface representing the original file. (Dogild - 06c5976)

  • New: added the option -x (alternatively --xml) to objj. This option allows you to specify the output format of objj to be XML. (Dogild - a0277ab)

  • New: added the property baseWritingDirection to CPControl. This allows you to write from left to right or right to left. (Dogild - bdbf1fb)

  • Fixed: the textual CPDatePicker did not respect the English format. (herbatnik - 65a379c)

  • Fixed: “too many open files” error when compiling an app or Cappuccino itself using jake. Jake now properly closes files when done with them. (primalmotion - 5bba109)

  • Fixed: memory leaks in CPSplitView when using a delegate. (Dogild - f822268)

  • Fixed: CPScrollView -documentVisibleRect did not return the expected result when the document view was scaled. (Dogild - a7b6010)

  • Fixed: private variables were shown in Cappuccino’s documentation. (Dogild - a439688)

Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Jun 01, 2015.
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