Cappuccino News 2015 July 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino in the last month.


  • New: capp_env has been added to Cappuccino. This tools allows you to create specific environments for Cappuccino. For more information see here. (primalmotion - 245da9b, 0f62926, c9f391d)

  • New: CPUserNotification and CPUserNotificationCenter. (Dogild - 3a6a849)

  • New: -n option added to objj2objcskeleton. This option allows you to specify the name of the generated file. (Dogild - 3f88e02)

  • Fixed: objj2objcskeleton did not transform Objective-J categories. (Dogild - 8cc075)

  • Fixed: the --xml option for the objj command did not output every error in XML. (Dogild - 0e4136)

  • New: the XML output format of the command objj now has the key sourcePath instead of path. (Dogild - d358f0)

  • Fixed: CPButton -sizeToFit was broken when calling the method with a new title or a new image. (Dogild - 9694c7)

Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Jul 01, 2015.
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