Cappuccino News 2015 August 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino in the last month.


  • New: CPURLConnectionDelegate protocol. (Dogild - 806be9)

  • New: added the Gitter link to the README. (Dogild - 6b4a1b)

  • New: CPPlatform +closeAllPlatformWindows. This method is called when reloading or closing the Cappuccino application. The method closes every platform window opened in the application. (Dogild - 3f9f92)

  • New: delegate methods applicationShouldTerminate and applicationShouldTerminateMessage for the CPApplicationDelegateProtocol. (Dogild - 058a73)

  • Fixed: when selecting a label through a right click, its selectable state was not taken into consideration. (primalmotion - d6b0fc - d1e31d)

  • Fixed: AppKit unit-tests were not standalone. (Dogild - 6fe9da - 923d32)

Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Aug 01, 2015.
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