CappCon 2016

Major releases

Cappuccino 0.9.9 has been released! This release arrives almost exactly a year after the 0.9.8 version and in that year we have been busy. No matter what your Cappuccino app is about, there is something in this release for you. As always the full change log and release notes are available here.

NUKit, NUAristo, Bambou and Garuda have been released by Antoine Mercadal and Christophe Serafin from Nuage Networks. This collection of frameworks allows you to easily create a new Cappuccino Application which will communicate with a ReST Python server generated by Garuda. And good news, it’s lightweight due to the flat theme NUAristo!

LightObject Framework has been released by Martin Carlberg from Oops. Now you can create your Cappuccino Application model through Xcode. Martin showed this framework communicating with an Objective-J server running on NodeJS during the Cappcon.

The 31st March 2016

The CappCon 2016 was held at the University Of Liège in Belgium. Around 50 people came for this day and there were talks for everybody - technical talks as well as abstract talks about Cappuccino.

The Talkers

  • Introduction video.

  • Alexander Ljunberg introduced the audience to Cappuccino and the 0.9.9 release. Nice talk presenting how strong the foundations of Cappuccino are and why this framework was created. You can find the video here as well as the slides used here.

  • Antoine Mercadal showed a nice demo about the product they are creating at Nuage Networks. Nuage Networks took the occasion to release new open source frameworks and Antoine Mercadal showed a demo of these new toys. The new frameworks released are NUKit, NUAristo, Bambou and Garuda. You can find the video here as well as the slides used here.

  • Martin Carlberg presented how Oops uses Cappuccino. Our Swedish core team member showed us a demo of the LightObject Framework, a Core Data framework for Cappuccino. Notably the server used for the demo was written in Objective-J and runs on NodeJS. You can find the video here as well as the slides used here.

  • Tim Howell told us his story with Cappuccino and his company RWElephant. New to Cappuccino and wondering about how difficult it is to use this framework? You should watch this story where Tim explains how he learned Cappuccino and Cocoa during a road trip. You can find the video here as well as the slides used here.

  • Alexandre Wilhelm showed what kind of testing tools Cappuccino provides. If you want to learn more about testing, OJTest, Cucapp or Cucumber you need to watch his talk. You can find the video here and the slides used here.

  • Christophe Serafin presented tricks and tips for Cappuccino during his talk. What Jake is, how it works, how to organize your project, your xibs and more. If you are about to create a new application, you should watch his presentation. You can find the video here and the slides used here.

  • Alexander Ljunberg closed this dense day with a “What’s next ?” talk. You can find the video here.

Every good thing has an end

After 8 hours of talking about Cappuccino, it was the time to celebrate this second CappCon! We guess we all agree that Belgium beers have a good reputation (which they deserve) and we hope that everybody had fun during this evening!

We hope that everybody enjoyed this CappCon and had a great time in Belgium!

It was very exciting for us and we hope to organize another CappCon soon again!

To finish , we would like to thanks our sponsors who made this possible! Thank you to Nuage Networks, Oops, RWElephant and the University of Liège.

- The Cappuccino Core Developer Team

Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Apr 17, 2016.
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