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CPAppearance Class Reference

#import <CPAppearance.h>

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Instance Methods

(BOOL) - allowsVibrancy
(CPString- description
(void) - encodeWithCoder:
(id) - initWithAppearanceNamed:bundle:
(id) - initWithCoder:
(BOOL) - isEqual:
(void) - setAllowsVibrancy:
- Instance Methods inherited from CPObject
(void) - addObserver:forKeyPath:options:context:
(void) - applyChange:toKeyPath:
(id) - autorelease
(id) - awakeAfterUsingCoder:
(void) - awakeFromCib
(void) - bind:toObject:withKeyPath:options:
(Class) - classForCoder
(Class) - classForKeyedArchiver
(CPString- className
(id) - copy
(void) - dealloc
(CPDictionary- dictionaryWithValuesForKeys:
(void) - didChange:valuesAtIndexes:forKey:
(void) - didChangeValueForKey:
(void) - didChangeValueForKey:withSetMutation:usingObjects:
(void) - doesNotRecognizeSelector:
(CPArray) - exposedBindings
(id) - forwardingTargetForSelector:
(void) - forwardInvocation:
(unsigned) - hash
(BOOL) - implementsSelector:
(CPDictionary- infoForBinding:
(id) - init
(BOOL) - isKindOfClass:
(BOOL) - isMemberOfClass:
(BOOL) - isProxy
(IMP) - methodForSelector:
(CPMethodSignature) - methodSignatureForSelector:
(id) - mutableArrayValueForKey:
(id) - mutableArrayValueForKeyPath:
(id) - mutableCopy
(id) - mutableSetValueForKey:
(id) - mutableSetValueForKeyPath:
(id) - performSelector:
(id) - performSelector:withObject:
(void) - performSelector:withObject:afterDelay:
(void) - performSelector:withObject:afterDelay:inModes:
(id) - performSelector:withObject:withObject:
(id) - performSelector:withObjects:
(void) - release
(void) - removeObserver:forKeyPath:
(id) - replacementObjectForArchiver:
(id) - replacementObjectForCoder:
(id) - replacementObjectForKeyedArchiver:
(BOOL) - respondsToSelector:
(id) - retain
(id) - self
(void) - setValue:forKey:
(void) - setValue:forKeyPath:
(void) - setValue:forUndefinedKey:
(void) - setValuesForKeysWithDictionary:
(CPString- UID
(void) - unbind:
(Class) - valueClassForBinding:
(id) - valueForKey:
(id) - valueForKeyPath:
(id) - valueForUndefinedKey:
(void) - willChange:valuesAtIndexes:forKey:
(void) - willChangeValueForKey:
(void) - willChangeValueForKey:withSetMutation:usingObjects:

Class Methods

(CPAppearance+ appearanceNamed:
(CPAppearance+ currentAppearance
(void) + setCurrentAppearance:
- Class Methods inherited from CPObject
(BOOL) + accessInstanceVariablesDirectly
(id) + alloc
(id) + allocWithCoder:
(BOOL) + automaticallyNotifiesObserversForKey:
(void) + cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget:
(void) + cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget:selector:object:
(Class) + class
(BOOL) + conformsToProtocol:
(void) + exposeBinding:
(void) + initialize
(IMP) + instanceMethodForSelector:
(BOOL) + instancesImplementSelector:
(BOOL) + instancesRespondToSelector:
(BOOL) + isBindingExclusive:
(BOOL) + isSubclassOfClass:
(CPSet) + keyPathsForValuesAffectingValueForKey:
(void) + load
(id) + new
(void) + object:performSelector:withObject:afterDelay:inModes:
(void) + setVersion:
(Class) + superclass
(int) + version

Detailed Description

A CPAppareance represents the appearance of an to a subset of UI elements. This is a very lightweight implementation of the NSAppearance system, but We are using it for compliance, and especially for the CPVisualEffectView

Definition at line 2 of file CPAppearance.h.

Method Documentation

◆ allowsVibrancy()

- (BOOL) allowsVibrancy

Synthesized accessor method.

Provided by category CPAppearance(CPSynthesizedAccessors).

Definition at line 167 of file CPAppearance.j.

◆ appearanceNamed:()

+ (CPAppearance) appearanceNamed: (CPString aName

Returns the CPAppearance object with the given name

namethe name of the appearance

Definition at line 88 of file CPAppearance.j.

◆ currentAppearance()

+ (CPAppearance) currentAppearance

Returns the current default CPAppearance

Definition at line 69 of file CPAppearance.j.

◆ description()

- (CPString) description

Returns a human readable string describing the receiver

Reimplemented from CPObject.

Definition at line 134 of file CPAppearance.j.

◆ encodeWithCoder:()

- (void) encodeWithCoder: (CPCoder aCoder

Definition at line 154 of file CPAppearance.j.

◆ initWithAppearanceNamed:bundle:()

- (id) initWithAppearanceNamed: (CPString aName
bundle: (CPBundle bundle 

Creates a CPAppearance object initialized to the specified appearance file in the specified bundle This method does actually nothing special. It just creates a default appearance object

Definition at line 106 of file CPAppearance.j.

◆ initWithCoder:()

- (id) initWithCoder: (CPCoder aCoder

Definition at line 143 of file CPAppearance.j.

◆ isEqual:()

- (BOOL) isEqual: (id)  anObject

Determines if anObject is functionally equivalent to the receiver.

YES if anObject is functionally equivalent to the receiver.

Reimplemented from CPObject.

Definition at line 126 of file CPAppearance.j.

◆ setAllowsVibrancy:()

- (void) setAllowsVibrancy: (BOOL)  aValue

Synthesized accessor method.

Provided by category CPAppearance(CPSynthesizedAccessors).

Definition at line 175 of file CPAppearance.j.

◆ setCurrentAppearance:()

+ (void) setCurrentAppearance: (CPAppearance anAppearance

Sets the current default CPAppearance

appearancethe new current appearance

Definition at line 80 of file CPAppearance.j.

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