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CPKeyedUnarchiver Class Reference

Unarchives objects created using CPKeyedArchiver. More...

#import <CPKeyedUnarchiver.h>

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Instance Methods

(BOOL) - allowsKeyedCoding
(Class) - classForClassName:
(BOOL) - containsValueForKey:
(BOOL) - decodeBoolForKey:
(id) - decodeBytesForKey:
(double) - decodeDoubleForKey:
(float) - decodeFloatForKey:
(int) - decodeIntForKey:
(id) - decodeObjectForKey:
(CGPoint) - decodePointForKey:
(CGRect) - decodeRectForKey:
(CGSize) - decodeSizeForKey:
(id) - delegate
(void) - finishDecoding
(id) - initForReadingWithData:
(void) - setClass:forClassName:
(void) - setDelegate:
- Instance Methods inherited from CPCoder
(void) - encodeBycopyObject:
(void) - encodeConditionalObject:
(void) - encodeDataObject:
(void) - encodeObject:
(void) - encodePoint:
(void) - encodePropertyList:
(void) - encodeRect:
(void) - encodeRootObject:
(void) - encodeSize:
(void) - encodeValueOfObjJType:at:
- Instance Methods inherited from CPObject
(void) - addObserver:forKeyPath:options:context:
(void) - applyChange:toKeyPath:
(id) - autorelease
(id) - awakeAfterUsingCoder:
(void) - awakeFromCib
(void) - bind:toObject:withKeyPath:options:
(Class) - classForCoder
(Class) - classForKeyedArchiver
(CPString- className
(id) - copy
(void) - dealloc
(CPString- description
(CPDictionary- dictionaryWithValuesForKeys:
(void) - didChange:valuesAtIndexes:forKey:
(void) - didChangeValueForKey:
(void) - didChangeValueForKey:withSetMutation:usingObjects:
(void) - doesNotRecognizeSelector:
(CPArray) - exposedBindings
(id) - forwardingTargetForSelector:
(void) - forwardInvocation:
(unsigned) - hash
(BOOL) - implementsSelector:
(CPDictionary- infoForBinding:
(id) - init
(BOOL) - isEqual:
(BOOL) - isKindOfClass:
(BOOL) - isMemberOfClass:
(BOOL) - isProxy
(IMP) - methodForSelector:
(CPMethodSignature) - methodSignatureForSelector:
(id) - mutableArrayValueForKey:
(id) - mutableArrayValueForKeyPath:
(id) - mutableCopy
(id) - mutableSetValueForKey:
(id) - mutableSetValueForKeyPath:
(id) - performSelector:
(id) - performSelector:withObject:
(void) - performSelector:withObject:afterDelay:
(void) - performSelector:withObject:afterDelay:inModes:
(id) - performSelector:withObject:withObject:
(id) - performSelector:withObjects:
(void) - release
(void) - removeObserver:forKeyPath:
(id) - replacementObjectForArchiver:
(id) - replacementObjectForCoder:
(id) - replacementObjectForKeyedArchiver:
(BOOL) - respondsToSelector:
(id) - retain
(id) - self
(void) - setValue:forKey:
(void) - setValue:forKeyPath:
(void) - setValue:forUndefinedKey:
(void) - setValuesForKeysWithDictionary:
(CPString- UID
(void) - unbind:
(Class) - valueClassForBinding:
(id) - valueForKey:
(id) - valueForKeyPath:
(id) - valueForUndefinedKey:
(void) - willChange:valuesAtIndexes:forKey:
(void) - willChangeValueForKey:
(void) - willChangeValueForKey:withSetMutation:usingObjects:

Class Methods

(void) + initialize
(id) + unarchiveObjectWithData:
(id) + unarchiveObjectWithFile:
(id) + unarchiveObjectWithFile:asynchronously:
- Class Methods inherited from CPObject
(BOOL) + accessInstanceVariablesDirectly
(id) + alloc
(id) + allocWithCoder:
(BOOL) + automaticallyNotifiesObserversForKey:
(void) + cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget:
(void) + cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget:selector:object:
(Class) + class
(BOOL) + conformsToProtocol:
(void) + exposeBinding:
(IMP) + instanceMethodForSelector:
(BOOL) + instancesImplementSelector:
(BOOL) + instancesRespondToSelector:
(BOOL) + isBindingExclusive:
(BOOL) + isSubclassOfClass:
(CPSet) + keyPathsForValuesAffectingValueForKey:
(void) + load
(id) + new
(void) + object:performSelector:withObject:afterDelay:inModes:
(void) + setVersion:
(Class) + superclass
(int) + version

Detailed Description

Unarchives objects created using CPKeyedArchiver.

CPKeyedUnarchiver is used for creating objects out of coded files or CPData objects that were created by CPKeyedArchiver. More specifically, this class unarchives objects from a data stream or file and brings them back into memory for programmatic usage.

-(Class)unarchiver:(CPKeyedUnarchiver)unarchiver cannotDecodeObjectOfClassName:(CPString)name originalClasses:(CPArray)classNames; Called when the specified class is not available during decoding. The delegate may load the class, or return a substitute class to use instead.

unarchiverthe unarchiver performing the decode
namethe name of the class that can't be found
anarray of class names describing the encoded object's class hierarchy. The first index is the encoded class name, and each superclass is after that.
the Class to use instead or nil to abort the unarchiving operation

-(id)unarchiver:(CPKeyedUnarchiver)unarchiver didDecodeObject:(id)object; Called when the unarchiver decodes an object.

unarchiverthe unarchiver doing the decoding
objectthe decoded object
a substitute to use for the decoded object. This can be the same object argument provide, another object or nil.

-(void)unarchiver:(CPKeyedUnarchiver)unarchiver willReplaceObject:(id)object withObject:(id)newObject; Called when a decoded object has been substituted with another. (for example, from -unarchiver:didDecodeObject:.

unarchiverthe unarchiver that decoded the object
objectthe original decoded object
newObjectthe replacement object

-(void)unarchiverWillFinish:(CPKeyedUnarchiver)unarchiver; Called when the unarchiver is about to finish decoding.

unarchiverthe unarchiver that's about to finish

-(void)unarchiverDidFinish:(CPKeyedUnarchiver)unarchiver; Called when the unarchiver has finished decoding.

unarchiverthe unarchiver that finished decoding

Definition at line 2 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.h.

Method Documentation

◆ allowsKeyedCoding()

- (BOOL) allowsKeyedCoding

Returns a flag indicating whether the receiver supports keyed coding. The default implementation returns NO. Subclasses supporting keyed coding must override this to return YES.

Reimplemented from CPCoder.

Definition at line 429 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ classForClassName:()

- (Class) classForClassName: (CPString aClassName

Definition at line 424 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ containsValueForKey:()

- (BOOL) containsValueForKey: (CPString aKey

Definition at line 196 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ decodeBoolForKey:()

- (BOOL) decodeBoolForKey: (CPString aKey

Definition at line 232 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ decodeBytesForKey:()

- (id) decodeBytesForKey: (CPString aKey

Definition at line 356 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ decodeDoubleForKey:()

- (double) decodeDoubleForKey: (CPString aKey

Definition at line 254 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ decodeFloatForKey:()

- (float) decodeFloatForKey: (CPString aKey

Definition at line 242 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ decodeIntForKey:()

- (int) decodeIntForKey: (CPString aKey

Definition at line 266 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ decodeObjectForKey:()

- (id) decodeObjectForKey: (CPString aKey

Definition at line 323 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ decodePointForKey:()

- (CGPoint) decodePointForKey: (CPString aKey

Definition at line 278 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ decodeRectForKey:()

- (CGRect) decodeRectForKey: (CPString aKey

Definition at line 293 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ decodeSizeForKey:()

- (CGSize) decodeSizeForKey: (CPString aKey

Definition at line 308 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ delegate()

- (id) delegate

Definition at line 387 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ finishDecoding()

- (void) finishDecoding

Definition at line 375 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ initForReadingWithData:()

- (id) initForReadingWithData: (CPData data

Definition at line 139 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ initialize()

+ (void) initialize

Reimplemented from CPObject.

Definition at line 119 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ setClass:forClassName:()

- (void) setClass: (Class)  aClass
forClassName: (CPString aClassName 

Definition at line 419 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ setDelegate:()

- (void) setDelegate: (id)  aDelegate

Definition at line 396 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ unarchiveObjectWithData:()

+ (id) unarchiveObjectWithData: (CPData aData

Definition at line 162 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ unarchiveObjectWithFile:()

+ (id) unarchiveObjectWithFile: (CPString aFilePath

Definition at line 181 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

◆ unarchiveObjectWithFile:asynchronously:()

+ (id) unarchiveObjectWithFile: (CPString aFilePath
asynchronously: (BOOL)  aFlag 

Definition at line 188 of file CPKeyedUnarchiver.j.

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