Cappuccino News 2016 April 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino in the last month.


Cappuccino 0.9.9 has now been released! This release follows almost exactly a year from 0.9.8 and in that year we have been busy. No matter what your Cappuccino app is about, there is something in this release for you. You should check it out at the official release post.

If you missed the CappCon2016, we will provide the story, videos, powerpoint and pictures about this amazing day at the Univeristy of Liège soon!


  • Fixed: race condition when editing a CPTextField in a CPTableView with a double click, focus was lost in some conditions. (aparajita - 8f11917)

  • Fixed: no exception thrown if a plist was not valid in CPKeyedUnarchiver. (mrcarlberg - a995f3a)

  • New: CPNumber -integerValue and CPString -integerValue. (mrcarlberg - a10dfa4)

  • Fixed: outdated sourcemap syntax prevented showing the right sources when debugging in the browser. //@ sourceURL=... has now been replaced by //# sourceURL=... when compiling Objective-J code. (mrcarlberg - 3ba2158)

  • Fixed: CPSearchField did not support CPMenuItem -setIndentationLevel:. (cacaodev - 6d1a094)


  • Fixed: accidental Nuage Networks specific code related to text fields made it into the general release. (Dogild - 67c767c)

  • Fixed: wrong default path for loading Cucapp in the CLI (Dogild - a924fcf)

  • Fixed: private API _mainDOMWindow did not actually return the main DOM window but the key DOM window. (Dogild - 2fe795f)

Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Apr 01, 2016.
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