Cappuccino 0.9.10

We are very proud to release this new version of Cappuccino: 0.9.10! This release follows a bit more than a year from 0.9.9 and as usual we have been quite busy. We are pretty sure that you will be as excited as us about the new improvements made to Cappuccino.

Notable Improvements


After years of development, the new CPTextView brings a rich text control to Cappuccino. This is much more than traditional web text editors as it doesn’t rely much on the browser but instead actually understands content layout and formatting, allowing incredible control over the details and integration with the rest of Cappuccino.

CPViewAnimator and CPAnimationContext

Cappuccino now provides a new, easy way to create smooth animations. Take a look at the example under Tests/Manual/CPAnimationPropertyContainerTest.

Node as Javascript Engine

You can now use node as your javascript engine when using/building Cappuccino. More informations can be found here.

Cappuccino 0.9.10 will still use the javascript engine jsc by default. However, node will be the default engine from now on in the master branch of Cappuccino, so feel free to play with it and help to contribute to it! This should be great news especially if you are on a platform which doesn’t support JavaScriptCore: you should get a substantial speedup by switching.

Thanks to all the Cappuccino contributors. We’d also like to call out Frank Rehwinkel who did the node integration for narwhal and Daniel Boehringer for his work on the CPTextView. Keep doing a good work like this! Thanks!

As always the full change log and release notes are available here.

We hope you are as excited about Cappuccino 0.9.10 as we are and that you will help us spread the word, and that you will create some fantastic applications with it!

- The Cappuccino Core Developer Team

Download Cappuccino 0.9.10

Full Release Notes

Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Jul 11, 2017.
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