Cappuccino News 2016 November 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino recently.


A new tutorial has been added to the website! If you want to learn about the basic of the CPTableView, you should read this new tutorial here. Thanks to kicsipixel for his help!


  • Fixed: editing in a cell-based CPTableView was broken in an editing session. (daboe01 - 1360caa)

  • Fixed: xCodeCapp was broken under macOS Sierra. (cacaodev - dd62c0)

  • New: manual test for CPSegmentedControl. (cacaodev - 606132)

  • New: documentation for autoscroll of CPView. (daboe01 - 5059028)

  • Fixed: typo in the documentation of CPControl. (daboe01 - 2f82fb8)

  • Fixed: formatting of CPView. (ahankinson - c2b7cc7)

  • Fixed: optimization of the tracking areas feature in CPView. (didierkorthoudt - 969d1d)

  • Fixed: issues in CPAnimationContext and CPView animator. Added cucumber tests for CPAnimationContext. (cacaodev - 4b55a69)

  • Fixed: incorrect type declaration in CPCache. (cacaodev - 62e5d8d)

  • Fixed: selection in CPTabView when defined through nib2cib. (cacaodev - c4bf67d)

  • New: CPTabView loads the views asynchronously when possible. (cacaodev - 0eb196e)

Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Nov 01, 2016.
Tagged Cappuccino, objj, update.
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