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Cappuccino 0.9.8

Today we are very happy announce that Cappuccino 0.9.8 has just been released and it’s ready for you to use. This release if focused on stability and bug fixes (~200 bugs squashed) but also delivers some very cool new features.

Notable Improvements


Cappuccino News

If you have news about new projects in which Cappuccino is being used — internal or external — be sure to let everyone know!

Please pay special attention to the Fixes & Changes section, there may be changes that will affect your code.

New Features


Cappuccino News

What’s new in Cappuccino in the past two weeks:

  • Some major new features have been added to nib2cib:

    • nib2cib now supports User Defined Runtime Attributes in Interface Builder.
    • nib2cib now supports userland NS classes. This is a huge new feature...


Cappuccino version 0.5.5 released

I’m pleased to announce the release of the second update to Cappuccino since it was made available last month, version 0.5.5.

Even more exciting is the fact that this release includes our first user contributions. We’re glad these individuals were...