Cappuccino News 2016 September 1st

Here’s a quick update on what’s new with Cappuccino recently.


If you missed the CappCon2016, you can find the story of this amazing day here! Videos and slides have been released.

In a bit of sad news for the Cappuccino Community, Aparajita Fishman has left the Cappuccino project to take on a role at Apple. Thanks you for all your great work on Cappuccino and we hope you’ll show them how it’s done over at Apple! More information here.

Taking a step back to look at the last 6 months, we can see lots of improvements and news. To pick just a few, CPView has been optimized, while CPAnimationContext and CPViewAnimator have been added to the framework. As always, minor bugs have been fixed. The full list is below.

We are getting close to a new release Cappuccino 0.9.10, which will probably be released in October 2016!


  • Fixed: bump XcodeCapp copyright year. (aljungberg - 087e811)

  • Fixed: CPNumber intValue did not return an integer. (aljungberg - fa07bc1)

  • Fixed: missed some version number bumps in the 0.9.9 release. (aljungberg - e13f5ed)

  • Fixed: formatting CPCache. (aljungberg - 42d7e43)

  • Fixed: crash when having a CPTableViewHeader without a CPTableView. (Dogild - c24c386)

  • Fixed: cache control was not set properly in CPURLRequest. (Dogild - 5c60819)

  • Fixed : capp_env did not use the master version of cappuccino. (primalmotion - 584aebf)

  • Fixed: cursor key binding methods did not fire in IE 11. (herbatnik - 43a2480)

  • Fixed: first CPPopUpItem is always selected if selected binding value is set before content binding value. (mrcarlberg - 5c58552)

  • Fixed: CPObjectController -setEntityName did not work. (mrcarlberg - cd92ebd)

  • Fixed: ‘Unknown function getPropertyCSSValue’ error in Chrome in CPAnimationContext. (cacaodev - 571891)

  • Fixed: CPTableView viewBasedCib manual test was broken due to CPBox. (cacaodev - 1575c2b)

  • Fixed: manual test SmartFoldersDemo. (cacaodev - ffcac67)

  • Fixed: CPCollectionView content binding. (cacaodev - f67faf)

  • Fixed: when dependent key paths use a relationship, only the first added observer would observe the attribute for the relationship object. (mrcarlberg - ae5d317)

  • Fixed: CPViewController -isViewLoaded property was always set to NO in async mode. (cacaodev - 3e6e5f9)

  • Fixed: CPObject +implementsSelector: did not work with proxies and KVO swizzled classes. (cacaodev - a192698)

  • Fixed: date comparisons in CPPredicateEditor. (eussam - 818d5d5)

  • Fixed: unit tests for CPPredicateEditor. (cacaodev - c38daac c31f5b1)

  • Fixed: CPPredicateEditor predicate when the template has a CPFloatAttributeType. (cacaodev - 333e112)

  • New: enable autoscrolling for table view columns. (daboe01 - abb0799)

  • Fixed: CPColorPanel always opened in main platform window. (didierkorthoudt - 9273c9e)

  • Fixed: CPTextField didn’t optimize tracking areas management. (didierkorthoudt - 1927bb4)

  • Fixed: right mouse clicking during a drag operation canceled it. (didierkorthoudt - a28f9ce)

  • Fixed: the background of the brightness slider had a uniform color in CPColorPicker (daboe01 - a84a7bb)

  • New: merged in the parser and compiler that is used in the node objj-runtime. (mrcarlberg - e134f91)

  • Fixed: missing import in CPCollectionView. (cacaodev - 5f1229)

  • New: removed Native Host. (daboe01 - 5bc3609)

  • Fixed: CPView received multiple -viewDidHide/Unhide messages. (cacaodev - 12dde51)

  • New: removed rakefile. (daboe01 - 80bfeb1)

  • Fixed: XcodeCapp 'Preferences’ menu item not in the standard place. (enquora - b09cb24)

  • Fixed: nib2cib'ed files different with jake release and jake deploy. (aljungberg - f4c11d1)

  • Fixed: XcodeCapp nib2cib incorrect vs jake release. (aljungberg - 3e56c8e)

  • Fixed: CPPasteBoard dead code. (daboe01 - a2960a7)

  • Fixed: missing requirements in the README. (daboe01 - f9cc773)

  • Fixed: scrolling events were not dispatched to the CPApp on slower system under Chrome 52. (daboe01 - e4fce08)

  • Fixed: iOS virtual keyboard “done” button not working and tapping other text fields while editing (often) not working. (aljungberg - 4395c07)


  • Fixed: the function dumpGuiObject was called two times for the class CPScrollView (t00f - 732d77e)
Posted by Alexandre Wilhelm
on Sep 01, 2016.
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