Cappuccino 0.9.8

Today we are very happy announce that Cappuccino 0.9.8 has just been released and it’s ready for you to use. This release if focused on stability and bug fixes (~200 bugs squashed) but also delivers some very cool new features.

Notable Improvements

  • Added the keyword @typdef.


@import <Foundation/Foundation.j>

@typedef NUSuppaType

@implementation NUMyClass: CPObject
     NUSuppaType mode;
  • New: CFError, CPURLErrors and CFError.
  • Added support for multiline CPTextFields.

  • New: all @protocols in Foundation and AppKit.
  • New: CPControl -setControlSize:.

  • Redesign of CPPredicateEditor and CPRuleEditor.

  • New: support for more than 32 theme states in the theming system.
  • Added support of capp_lint and objj to XcodeCapp, which has been bumped to version 3.2.

  • Added Cucapp as part of the Cappuccino Project (https://github.com/cappuccino/cucapp, thanks dparnell)
  • Fixed a huge number of memory leaks in Foundation and in AppKit.
  • Optimization of the runtime function objj_msgSend.

The full Change Log is available here.

Thank you

Thank you to our reviewers Ahankinson and daboe01 for the tremendous work they did with sorting, cleaning up and reviewing all of our pull requests.

Of course, thank you to all the people who gave them a lot of work, you’re the best. :)

The Team

Last but not least, we are very thrilled to announce that Cacaodev, Dogild and Mrcarlberg are now part of the Core Devs Team. I would like to personally thank them for all the hard work and great contributions they gave to the project over the years, and you should do the same! Thanks guys!

Now let’s get back to work and cook you up an equally great next release.

- Antoine and the Cappuccino Core Developer Team

Download Cappuccino 0.9.8

Full Release Notes

Posted by Antoine Mercadal
on Mar 29, 2015.
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